Ad Specifications

Ligatus’ ads format

Technical specificities

A Ligatus Ad is a combination of the following elements:
  • 1 title (25 characters max. including punctuation and spaces)
  • 1 teaser (80 characters max. including punctuation and spaces)
  • 1 tracked URL
  • 1 picture

Ligatus’ ads examples

Prijzen van hotels vergelijken was nog nooit zo gemakkelijk! trivago® prijsvergelijking! Superscherpe last minutes
De nieuwe BMW 3 Reeks Berline en Touring. Ongeëvenaard rijplezier. De nieuwe BMW 3 Reeks
Herneem je goede gewoonten vanaf 1 september, ook in de keuken Terug naar school!
Vraag uw gratis ING Lion Account aan en krijg een klare kijk op uw zomeruitgaven Gratis ING zichtrekening

Each Ligatus box is unique.

The design is tailored to each publisher’s specific style and layout guidance to fit into their editorial content.
Every box uses one of the 6 following formats:


  • We do not accept logos
  • Max. weight per image: 6 ko
  • Max. weight for the 356x200: 50 ko
356 x 200
138 x 115
90 x 75
72 x 60
50 x 40
180 x 60

Our recommendations

How to maximize your CTR.

  • Choose colored pictures
  • Avoid drawings or pictograms
  • Avoid pictures that are too detailed
  • Favor catchy phrases highlighting the promotional offers or customer benefits
  • Provide the maximum amount of pictures and texts (the more pictures and texts we have, the more possibility we have
  • to maneuver the campaign optimization)

How to maximize your conversion rate.

  • Redirect the internet users straight to your form without having them going through the slideshows and the videos
  • Avoid any possible exit for your users (phone number, links towards other section, …)
  • Limit the amount of entries to fill in
  • A/B test several landing pages
  • Match the ad picture to the landing page picture

Ligatus can help you.

  • Search for pictures in our image bank or on your website to offer you the most adapted ones, depending on our sector learnings, your product, etc.
  • Resize the pictures for you. To do this, we need you to provide us with the pictures minimum in a 400x400 px format.
  • Write the ads according to your brief and the learnings we have.