Ligatus for Advertisers.
Meet all your performance objectives with Ligatus.

Unrivaled network. Guaranteed quality. Ligatus Native Solutions are integrated into Europe’s largest premium websites. The most powerful reach available – with 31 billion ad impressions monthly, reaching up to 60% of the local audience. Guaranteed for brand safety. The ultimate solution for Direct Response campaigns as well as Content Promotion.

One Native format.

90% of the Internet users think "ads on the internet are omnipresent". Ligatus Native Solutions chooses awareness instead of disruption.
Our placements are nicely integrated into the content of the website.
Better visibility, more readability and stellar performance.

Two Solutions.

Direct Response: Target your proposition to the right person and let high-quality clicks convert into valuable leads.

Content Promotion: Drive traffic, and engage the right audience while promoting your content.

On every device.

In 2050, 80% of all purchases will be done without human interaction as people will stay connected through multiple devices.
This is why Ligatus Native Solutions are being integrated into desktop websites, tablets and mobile devices (m-sites and apps).
We do not only follow lifestyle trends and modern-day internet consumption habits, we are part of them!

Ligatus for Publishers.
Monetize your premium content.

Increase your revenue with natively integrated placements on all your devices. Benefit easily from the still-increasing Performance budgets and budgets for Content Promotion without cannibalizing on other revenue streams.
Besides, you can boost your page views by using Ligatus Recommendations. A powerful engine that matches your content and makes relevant recommendations to your website visitors.

Drive Audience.

Increasing revenues of our publishers is our primary goal: That’s why in 2014 Ligatus acquired a technical solution to produce actionable insights for newsrooms. Empower your editorial decisions, create enthusiastic and relevant content to engage your audience and stay on top of their needs.


Ligatus works with major brands and agencies. With our Content Promotion module, you can create relevant links between your content and your audience visitor expectations, generate additional revenues, and get the most out of your premium content.

100% Native, 100% Responsive.

As your audience shifts to mobile, Ligatus facilitates you to greet them with your own great content by providing the tool set needed to monetize any mobile asset – on any platform and any device.

Testimonial Ligatus - Bill Gates - Microsoft

"Overall, we see a greater engagement and contribution from users coming from Ligatus."

Ligatus has become a Key partner in our traffic acquisition strategy and has proven a better contribution with a better CPA and a better engagement in terms of volume.

Lucas Riedberger - Digital Optimization Lead at Microsoft France.

Testimonial Ligatus - Bill Gates - Microsoft

"Overall, we see a greater engagement and contribution from users coming from Ligatus."

Many attribution methods exist on Internet (first click, last click etc.). On the engagement method we've used, Ligatus is the best performer with a better average basket.

Adrien Wiesenbach - Online Advertising Manager at Oscaro.

Testimonial Ligatus - Bill Gates - Microsoft

"Die Zusammenarbeit ist sehr partnerschaftlich und bisher auch sehr erfolgreich gewesen."

Seit fast sieben Jahren und damit fast von Anfang an sind wir redaktioneller Premiumpartner von Ligatus. Die Zusammenarbeit ist sehr partnerschaftlich und bisher auch sehr erfolgreich gewesen. Ligatus überzeugt durch höchste Professionalität. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten 7 Jahre.

Norbert Facklam - Leiter Vermarktung at Spiegel QC.

Ligatus Technology.
A state-of-the-art algorithm in constant evolution

Several owned algorithms combined with advanced targeting features help advertisers reach their performance and engagement targets. We deliver high performance with a transparent cost-per-click, cost-per-lead or cost-per-download model, easily deliverable to measure Key Performance Indicators.

30 Billions
30 Billions
30 Billions

Ligatus People.
Experts from nine countries across Europe to improve your digital strategy.

From consultancy to creative recommendations, campaign optimization to landing page development – get the most from 10 years of Ligatus experience.

Julien Mosse - Managing Director Ligatus Southern Europe

Managing Director

Julien Mosse

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Ben Doumen - Country Manager - Belgium

Country Manager

Ben Doumen

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